Our Story

Ours is the tale of two lovers who came here some twenty years ago and fell in love with this land, its pure air, stunning beaches and local people.
It started as the peaceful haven for our little escapes from Istanbul. Years later we turned our dream into reality, our dream of living in this beautiful place called Ayvalık. The moment we first saw this stone house, we knew it was the right place for us to restore, staying true to the original, shaping it into the perfect home and naming it Bouti Ayvalik. We always welcome our esteemed guests into our hearts and home, which is lit up by nature’s sweetest hues and caressed by occasional cooling breezes from the Ida Mountains and Aegean Sea.
Our home has 10 double rooms on 2 levels and an enchanting garden where we serve breakfast. The building is infused with peace and tranquillity in every corner, certain to leave you with sweet memories. Our white rooms decorated in a minimalist style are spacious and clutter-free to give you the soothing relaxation you deserve while on holiday.
We make fresh sourdough bread and jams. We serve handpicked olives, garden tomatoes, the freshest vegetables, a variety of regional cheese and the finest olive oil for you to enjoy.  Hot breakfast includes our Turkish twist on French toast, omelettes topped with regional fresh herbs and delicious fluffy pancakes. As evening approaches, we also invite you to join us for 5 o’clock tea, served with a range of homemade cakes and cookies.
Each room has a television set and air conditioning to keep you cool in the hot weather. You can use our strong Wi-Fi to share your photos and memories with loved ones back home.
We are aware that your little ones also need a holiday and we host all ages. We only ask that children are not left in the rooms alone – perhaps an unnecessary reminder as we are sure you wouldn’t do this anyway!